The Final Scoop #31: SuppTalk Radio Joins the Party

The Final Scoop is a no-holds barred, snowflake-free panel discussion podcast born out of a desire to cut through all the fluff, frills, and BS that litters the sports nutrition and fitness industry.


Our panel includes an international assembly of industry insiders united by a common goal -- to deliver honest, straightforward information on all matters concerning training, nutrition, and supplementation sans industry-sponsored endorsements or paid advertisements.

Panel members include:

  • Shane Smith, Stack3d
  • TJ Gonen, Fitness Deal News
  • Robert Samborsky, Apollon Nutrition
  • Lukasz Rytkowski, Prometeus Intelligent Sports Technology
  • Robert Schinetsky, The Supplement Engineer


Show Notes

This week we're joined by the host of SuppTalk Radio -- Shawn Schantz.

Topics covered in this installment:

  • The origins of SuppTalk Radio
  • Should you be concerned about heavy metals in protein powder?
  • Is sucralose safe?
  • Lukasz' Angel Dust pre workout review
  • Thoughts of V-Rush Vape pre workout
  • Best way to progress isolation exercises
  • Is Karbolyn worth it?
  • Thoughts on HMB, laxogenin, and Chitosan
  • and MORE

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