Episode #141: Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro -- Gut health, Probiotics, Greens Powders, & MORE

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, I'm joined by the gut health expert, lifestyle coach, and educator -- Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro.

More About Dr. Fundaro

Dr. Fundaro is one of the leading authorities on gut health and holds a PhD in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise from Virginia Tech.

"I provide client-centered lifestyle telehealth coaching via Vitamin PhD Nutrition. My coaching approach embodies my values of conscientiousness, compassion, knowledge, and integrity. Whether you are a competitive athlete focused on sport nutrition or curious about values-based lifestyle changes to support your health and authentic well-being, we will form a team based on mutual trust and understanding, and my expertise will supplement your change journey. In collaboration with MNU-Certified Nutritionist Shannon Beer, LLB, I have developed an integrative coaching framework that applies motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral coaching, and acceptance and commitment therapy-aligned processes in a client-centered alliance toward their own values-based goals. This Comprehensive Coaching model is an evidence-based approach that facilitates long-term behavior change and flourishing health in clients from all walks of life.

I am a former Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Georgia Gwinnett College and hold a PhD in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise from Virginia Tech as well as a BS in Exercise, Sport, and Health Education from Radford University. I am an ACE-certified Health Coach with both Monash Low-FODMAP and ISSN Sport Nutritionist certifications. As a board member of both the Nutrition Coaching Global Mastermind (NCGM) and the Sports Nutrition Association (SNA), I collaborate with a selection of colleagues to guide discussions and change toward best practices in the online nutrition coaching industry. 

I believe in the importance of flexible dietary approaches in addition to regular, enjoyable physical activity and cognitive exercises as part of a sustainable lifestyle free from the chronic dieting mindset. When working with individuals experiencing gastric distress, I apply a practical, personalized, and evidence-based approach to modify diet and lifestyle factors which can contribute to improved digestive comfort. I'm proud to have transitioned from years in academia to years as a full-time coach, having guided hundreds of clients (and students!) to their long-term goals. As an assistant professor, I taught a variety of courses related to nutrition for performance and health, physiology, and macronutrient metabolism. In addition to formal training in motivational interviewing and a fellowship in the science of learning and motivation, my experience stems from years of appreciative advising to help undergraduate students identify their unique strengths and obstacles in the pursuit of their academic goals.

In addition to my teaching and mentoring experience, I've enjoyed the opportunity to share evidence-based recommendations in international seminars, podcasts, and contributions to websites and magazines such as Precision Nutrition, Shape, Oxygen, Reader’s Digest, and InStyle. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, reading, spending time with my dogs, and lifting weights."


Show Notes

Topics covered during our discussion include:

  • Dr. Fundaro's background
  • Difficulties with securing funding for research
  • What are enterotypes and are they useful?
  • Should we consider supplementing with butyrate?
  • alpha vs beta-diversity in the microbiome
  • Are probiotic supplements beneficial / effective?
  • Should we be concerned about "anti-nutrients" in plant foods?
  • What factors affect the gut microbiome?
  • "Evolving" with our food
  • Are digestive enzymes added to supplements beneficial or even effective?
  • Thoughts on greens powders and "superfood" blends
  • Bioavailability of multi-vitamins
  • The effects of probiotics on sports performance
  • and MORE


Where to Find Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

www.vitaminphdnutrition.com --Lifestyle Coaching, Education, & Mentoring
www.btgcomprehensivecoaching.com  --Coach Education & Comprehensive Coaching Community
www.nutritioncoachingglobal.com --Nutrition Coaching Global Mastermind 
www.sportsnutritionassociation.com --Sport Nutrition Certification (Insured)
IG: @VitaminPhD

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