Episode #69: Stack3D Protein Wars Drama, Utility of Velositol, Glaxon Labs Supps & More with Supplement Snoop

 Justin Hall of Supplement Snoop rejoins the Supplement Engineer Podcast for episode #69 where we cover the Stack3D Protein Wars finals, "beginner" pre workouts, Velositol, Glaxon Labs greens supplement and nootropic, and more. 

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, Justin Hall, founder of Supplement Snoop, re-joins the podcast to recap the week in supplements.

Video Interview

Show Notes

This week's episode features:

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Supplement Sales and Purchases
  • The beauty of low-maintenance wives
  • Asking for supplements as Christmas presents
  • Stack3D Protein Wars finalists
  • "Introductory" or "Beginner" (i.e. under-dosed and shitty) pre workouts (Black Market Supps)
  • Bowman Essentials amino acid supplement
  • Utility of Velositol for physically active people and other potential applications
  • KetoLogic Keto Bar
  • Glaxon Super Greens and Adrinall
  • and MORE!

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Supplement Snoop IG: https://www.instagram.com/supplementsnoop/

Supplement Snoop Website: https://www.supplementsnoop.com

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