Episode #67: Stack3D Protein Wars, Axe & Sledge Home Made MRP, Ridiculous Marketing Jargon, Alani Nu products, Supplements for Kids & More with Supplement Snoop

 Justin Hall of Supplement Snoop returns for Episode #67 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast to recap the week in supplements, featuring Stack3d protein wars, Axe & Sledge MRP, Alani Nu Supplements, and more.

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, Justin Hall, founder of Supplement Snoop, re-joins the podcast to recap the week in supplements after a brief "hiatus" (probation for transgressions committed against your magnanimous host...kidding...maybe).

Video Interview

Show Notes

This week's episode features:

  • Axe & Sledge Home Made Meal Replacement
  • Stack3d Protein Wars Semifinals breakdown
  • Ranting about over-the-top ("shitty") marketing hype
  • Response to a listener question regarding Alani Nu formulas
  • Insane Labs Insane Veinz gold
  • Bring the Chaos pre-workouts
  • Yet another Bang flavor release
  • 1stPhorm new line of Kid Supplements
  • Iron Brothers Prodigy formula breakdown
  • Thoughts on giving dietary supplements to young children
  • Ladder Pre-Workout  
  • and MORE!

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Supplement Snoop IG: https://www.instagram.com/supplementsnoop/

Supplement Snoop Website: https://www.supplementsnoop.com

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