Episode #57: Aaron West & Performax Labs 2019 New Product Releases, the "cheesing" effect and more

Episode #57 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast features the return of Aaron West, founder of Performax Labs, to discuss what's new with the brand (ISO Whey Max, NootropiMax Powder, etc.), ingredient synergies, and the "cheesing" effect when stacking tyrosine and yohimbine. 

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, Aaron West founder of Performax Labs, rejoins the show to discuss what's new with the brand, including their aggressive product release schedule for the remainder of 2019.

Video Interview

Show Notes

Topics discussed in the episode:

  • New product releases (updated VasoMax, ISOWhey Max, etc.)
  • Dealing with manufacturing challenges that cause product release delays
  • Vetting contract manufacturers
  • The design philosophy behind ISO WheyMax
  • Choosing product flavors
  • Formula and ingredient synergism
  • A deep-dive into the new VasoMax
  • Stacking Tyrosine and Yohimbine -- the "cheesing" effect
  • NootropiMax Powder version
  • Energy drinks vs supplements
  • and MORE!

Audio-Only Version

Where to Find Performax Labs

Performax Labs IG: https://www.instagram.com/performaxlabs/

Performax Labs Website: https://performaxlabs.com

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