Episode #55: Apollon Nutrition 2019 All-Star Seminar Recap, is bodybuilding healthy?, Bowman Nutrition Pre workout, and free condoms with Supplement Snoop

In Episode 55 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, Supplement Snoop and I recap the 2019 Apollon Nutrition All-Star Seminar, whether or not bodybuilding (and bodybuilders) are healthy, Bowmar Nutrition, and a new pre workout from Arms Race Nutrition and CEL.

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, Justin Hall, founder of Supplement Snoop, joins me a bonus podcast after a last-minute cancellation from the third-arm of our special "formulation" roundtable.

Video Interview

Show Notes

This week's episode features:

  • Apollon Nutrition 2019 All-Star Seminar Recap
  • Is bodybuilding, and are bodybuilders, healthy?
  • Does Justin classify himself as a "bodybuilder"?
  • Focusing on the "process" vs the "outcome"
  • Arms Race Nutrition Supplements
  • Competitive Edge Labs Super Swole Non-Stim Pump Pre Workout
  • Bowmar Nutrition stim pre workout
  • Receiving free condoms with supplements (Switch Nutrition)
  • Core Nutritionals new pre workout
  • R1sing Labs "hardcore" pre workouts
  • and MORE!

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