Episode #51: Earth Nutri Energy & Focus, Xtend Keto, Coca-Cola Energy Drink, IAMSoAlpha Pre Workout, & More w/ Supplement Snoop

In Episode 51 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, Justin Hall and I discuss the newest wave of dietary supplements including Xtend Keto, Coca-cola Energy Drink, Earth Nutri Energy & Focus, Vegan Supplements and the Apollon All-Star Seminar.

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, Justin Hall, founder of Supplement Snoop, joins me our weekly supplements in review chat where we discuss recent happenings in the supplement industry.

Video Interview

Show Notes

This week's episode features:

  • Earth Nutri Post Workout, Energy & Focus, and Pre Workout discussion

  • Generic vs Trademarked ingredients

  • Justin's experience with Inspired Nutri FSU non-stim pump

  • Finding the right dose between caffeine, Dynamine and TeaCrine

  • Xtend Keto

  • Campus Protein Fuel Pre Workout formula review

  • IAmSoAlpha Pre Workout formula review

  • Coca-Cola energy drink

  • MusclePharm Natural BCAA

  • Vegan products

  • Legion Athletics Protein Bar

  • Apollon Nutrition All-Star Seminar

  • and MORE!

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Supplement Snoop Website: https://www.supplementsnoop.com

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