Episode #42: Upcoming Features at Supplement Engineer, CNS Supplements PhysoFuel Review, Metabolic Nutrition ESP Preworkout, "Dangerous" Caffeine levels, and more with SupplementSnoop


 Episode #42 features Justin Hall of SupplementSnoop returning for another Q&A session as we discuss recent product releases, CNS Supplements PhysoFuel pre workout, nootropics timing, supplement consultations, and more!

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, Justin Hall, founder of Supplement Snoop, joins me again for another Q&A style podcast where we discuss recent happenings in the supplement industry.

Video Interview

Show Notes

Topic covered in this episode include:

  • New articles, guides, and ebooks coming to the Supplement Engineer website
  • Upcoming (good) changes to the podcast
  • "Best" energy drink rankings
  • Justin's review of the Natural Body Block party and NutraBio facility tour
  • MTS Nutrition Outright Bar S'mores flavor review
  • Consultations
  • Cannabis and bodybuilding
  • Are greens supplements and probiotics worth it?
  • 750mg caffeine pre workout
  • "Dangerous" amounts of caffeine in pre workouts
  • CNS Supplements PhysoFuel pre workout review
  • FitNOx nitric oxide booster
  • Favorite intra workout carb sources
  • timing of nootropics during the day and different outcomes
  • Dealing with burnout
  • Having an afternoon cocktail to take the edge off and unlock the "creative juices"

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Where to Find Supplement Snoop

Supplement Snoop IG: https://www.instagram.com/supplementsnoop/

Supplement Snoop Website: https://www.supplementsnoop.com

Behind the Supps Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/behind-supps-untold-stories-behind-your-supplement/id1438611329

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