Episode #36: Q&A with Supplement Snoop

 Episode #36 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast features Justin Hall, creator of Supplement Snoop, for the third time as we tag team a listener Q&A session.


In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, Justin Hall, founder of Supplement Snoop, makes his third appearance on the podcast. 

This episode is the first of a new format that will be rolled into the rotation of interviews as it is geared towards more of a Q&A style format. 

Video Interview

In this episode, Justin and I discuss some of the most common questions we receive from supplement consumers as well as a range of productivity and business related topics, including:

  • Most annoying questions we get
  • Do you need to cycle pre workouts
  • Nootropics dosing and inter-individual differences
  • The importance of context when answering a question
  • Alpha GPC vs CDP-Choline
  • Difficulty with finding motivation to produce content for yourself when you're constantly producing content for others
  • Favorite sleep aids we've used
  • how to work past a slump or "funk" in work when it's self-induced at the hands of a nootropic
  • Justin's recent experience with Ghost Legend Guzman V3

Audio Version

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