Episode #33: Robert Darcy & CNS Supplements

Episode #33 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast features Robert Darcy, founder of CNS Supplements and creator of PhysoFuel pre workout.

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, I'm joined by Robert Darcy -- founder of CNS (Complete Nutritional Sciences) Supplements, makers of Lab Grade and PhysoFuel pre workouts.


In this episode, Robert and I discuss:

  • The founding of CNS Supplements
  • Robert's history battling Celiac disease
  • All things gut health and the microbiome
  • Difference between franchise and corporate supplement stores
  • Pet peeves with the supplement industry and dietary supplement claims
  • The design philosophy behind CNS Supplements
  • Challenges with growing a young brand in today's crowded market place
  • Vetting supplement manufacturers
  • FitNOx -- one of the newest nitrate-enhancing nitric oxide supplements on the market
  • Robert's current supplement regimen
  • Robert's current training split

CNS Supplements IG: https://www.instagram.com/cnssupplements/

CNS Supplements Website: https://cnssupplements.com


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