Episode #28: Dr. Scott Stevenson -- Fortitude Training, Supplements, and Futureceuticals S7 Nitric Oxide Booster Deep Dive

 In episode #28 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Scott W. Stevenson, creator of Fortitude Training, to discuss a wide-range of topics as well as a deep dive into Futureceuticals S7 plant-based nitric oxide booster.

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, I'm joined Dr. Scott W. Stevenson.

Dr. Scott is a highly accomplished individual with decades of experience in the fitness industry.

He holds a PhD in Applied Exercise Physiology from the University of Georgia. He's also a licensed acupuncturist, published author, competitive bodybuilder, and the creator of FORTITUDE TRAINING. 

Full Video Podcast:

In this wide-ranging, 90+ minute episode, Dr. Scott and I discuss:

  • his early days of weight lifting
  • the hardest training program Scott ever completed
  • his first experience with supplements
  • his current supplement regimen
  • supplement recommendations with his clients
  • using supplements to cover up poor diet, exercise, and sleep
  • when does a supplement warrant personal testing
  • Deep dive into Futureceuticals S7 plant-based nitric oxide booster
  • antioxidants, exercise performance, and the hypertrophic response
  • carryover of a study's results to real life
  • the over exaggeration of supplement claims in relation to what the research actually says
  • supplement industry policing itself

Dr. Scott Stevenson IG: https://www.instagram.com/fortitude_training/

Fortitude Training Website: https://drscottstevenson.com/index.html


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