Episode #27: Q&A with Sandy!

 Episode #27 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast features a discussion with Sandy as well as some listener Q&A.

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, I'm joined by my wife and partner-in-crime, Sandy! 

This is a wide-ranging episode where we discuss all sorts of things related to supplements, nutrition misconceptions, FDA regulations, movies and a whole lot more.

  • Sandy's first experience with supplements
  • What does she look for in a pre workout
  • Thoughts on sports nutrition supplements targeting the female lifting population
  • Recent warning letters sent out by the FDA regarding Phenibut and DMHA
  • Sandy's top 3 movies
  • Is Sandy one-of-a-kind or are there others like her in the universe
  • Rocky III vs Rocky IV
  • Dichotomy between regulating caffeine and other stimulant loads in preworkouts and energy drinks but not limiting how much caffeine can be in drive-thru coffees
  • BCAAs in pre workouts as an energy source
  • Supplemental GABA and sleep
  • GABA vs Phenibut


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