Episode #25: Rob Kaufman & SteelFit

Episode #25 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, I'm joined by Rob Kaufman, co-founder of SteelFit, a sister company of ProTan USA.

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, I'm joined by Rob Kaufman, Co-Founder of SteelFit USA.

SteelFit is a sports nutrition company from the makers of Pro Tan® based in south Florida, committed to producing high-quality, physician-formulated supplements for everyone from physique athletes and the casual gym rat.



In this episode, Rob and I discuss: 

  • Rob's early days working for ProTan
  • The founding of SteelFit
  • The decision to make SteelFit a separate brand apart from ProTan
  • Design philosophy behind SteelFit products
  • Patented vs generic ingredients
  • Topical creams for fat burning
  • Thoughts on keto supplements and will SteelFit release jump into the mix
  • Our favorite types of beer
  • Rob's current training regimen
  • The decision to avoid using distributors and focus on direct-to-consumer
  • Are trade shows like the Arnold and Olympia worthwhile to go to for a brand?
  • Rob's daily supplement regimen
  • Rob's first supplement experience
  • Negative supplement experiences
  • Upcoming SteelFit product releases for 2019


Full VIDEO interview:

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