Episode #24: Ken Braunstein & OOH Snap! Nutrition

Episode 24 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast features Ken Braunstein, VP of Sales for OOH Snap! Nutrition Protein Bars.


In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, I'm joined by Ken Braunstein, VP of Sales for OOH Snap Nutrition.


Ken has been a key figure in the protein bar/functional foods market space for over roughly 20 years and has helped grow some of the biggest names in the game including Met-RX, EAS, Lenny & Larry's, and PowerCrunch.  


Now, Ken has turned his attention to helping grow OOH Snap Nutrition, a line of protein bars touting a Rice Krispie-like texture but with a fraction of the sugar and fat and a boatload more protein.  


In this episode, Ken and I discuss: 

  • Ken's 20+ year history in the protein bar space
  • Differences and advances in protein bar technology since the original Met-RX bar debuted in 1996
  • Evolution of the protein bar market
  • What do consumers want in a protein bar
  • The ever-increasing competition in the protein bar market
  • What does it take for an up and coming protein bar to be successful these days
  • Sourcing manufacturers for bars vs dietary supplements (pills & powders)
  • Factors impacting decision for initial flavor release of OOH Snap Bars
  • How to maintain freshness in protein bars
  • Factors that affect shelf stability
  • The intriguing paradox that is the "natural" protein bar market
  • Updates to labeling guidelines regarding fiber content in protein bars
  • What's next for OOH Snap Nutrition (new flavor releases and products)

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