Episode #22: Matt Mosman & EndurElite

In episode 22 of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, I'm joined by Matt Mosman, MS Exercise Physiology, CISSN, CSCS, and founder of EndurElite.


EndurElite is a sports nutrition company created for endurance athletes by endurance athletes.  


Seeing a niche of the market (endurance athletes) that wasn't being adequately served, Matt founded EndurElite with the intent of using efficacious doses of research-backed ingredients to give endurance athletes their best possible performance.


In this episode, Matt and I discuss:

  • Matt's origin story in the supplement industry
  • Working as a researcher with MusclePharm Sports Science Institute
  • Transitioning from consultant to brand owner
  • The changing consumer market
  • Differences between formulating and advertising for endurance athletes
  • Biggest problems with the current endurance supplement market
  • Early challenges when starting EndurElite
  • "60-second brain bombs"
  • Best carb sources for performance
  • Nitric oxide boosters and blood flow enhancers for endurance sports
  • Why maltodextrin is overrated as an intra workout carbohydrate
  • The case for nootropics in endurance-based supplements
  • Matt's methodology for formulating supplements
  • Importance of resistance-training for endurance athletes
  • Exogenous ketones, ketogenic diets, and endurance sports performance
  • KetoElite?
  • What's next for EndurElite in 2019

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