Episode #113: Live Q&A w/ Sandy Supplement Misconceptions, GDAs, 80s vs 90s, & More

In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, my lovely wife, Sandy, re-joins the podcast for our first ever LIVE Q&A session.

We field questions that run the gamut from LSU Tiger Marching Band to supplement misconceptions to our favorite 80s and 90s action movies.

I hope you enjoy the episode, and please to let us know if you like these Live Q&A episodes and what time works well. 

Video Interview

Show Notes

Topics discussed in this week's episode include:

  • Supplement misconceptions
  • Pre Workout du jour
  • Thoughts on "women's" supplements
  • Should LSU Tiger Marching Band play "Neck"?
  • Sandy's favorite nootropics
  • Do pre workouts cause you to fail drug tests?
  • Sandy's rant on Lion's Mane
  • Are GDAs useful for body recomp and/or bulking?
  • Is GlucoVantage superior to Berberine?
  • Which decade has the better action movies?

Audio-Only Version

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